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Why Riding Right? Highly-qualified, professional instructors and a warm, welcoming place for lessons, boarding, and training.

When? Lessons available six days a week, including evenings and early mornings.

Who? Our youngest riders are age six. Our olders are senior citizens.

Where? South Cambridge, NY. Convenient to Greenwich NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Bennington VT, Williamstown MA, Albany NY, etc.

Farm News:

November 14, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

snow 1 snow 2Yeah, Yeah, I know.  Too early for snow!   But my goodness, talk about beautiful!

I’m sure there are many who would argue with me, but in my mind there’s almost nothing prettier than the scene we had this morning.  We’ll see if I’m still extolling the virtues of a early morning snow come next April.

Mule Madness
November 13, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

Everyone’s talking about it: the first mule to compete in the US Dressage Finals.  Check out this awesome video:


Oh Deer
November 12, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

deerIt’s bow season, or at least the hunters of the world tell me such things, since I’m not personally into the hunting thing.  Someone should probably tell this to the four little Bambi’s that were grazing on the farm lane between the paddocks behind the indoor arena the other afternoon.  The four pointer that was bedding down for the night in the tall grass would probably be interested to know that his days may be numbered.

Funny thing to me, that as these guys were calmly grazing, watching the horses, watching me teach in the outdoor, watching night chores go on as usual, there was a hunter off in the woods looking for them.   I think when gun season begins this weekend they might be a little more timid.  But for now the act like they are just part of the herd of four legged creatures that live here at the farm.

Fun Friday
November 7, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

IMG_0758It’s been a while since I dug out a blog for Fun Friday.  This was sent to me yesterday and I just couldn’t resist sharing it.  I’m sure anyone who has ever tried to load a horse that was planting himself outside the trailer door can appreciate the humor.


What’s Up With That?
November 6, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

revWhat a weird thing.   Rev was in a lesson today and I kept  thinking I’m seeing mud on his hind foot.  Then I notice the “mud” has ridges in it.  Okay.  So stop right there.  What is going on?

I asked my student to take a moment’s break and as I came closer I noticed that Rev is sporting a ripped bell boot on his right hind foot.

A-Rev doesn’t wear bell boots.

B-Even if he did, we wouldn’t be putting them on his hind feet

C-We don’t have ripped up, nearly totally destroyed bell boots on horses anyway- we throw them out at this point in their life.

So here’s the mystery.  Where did this bell boot come from and how on earth did it get on his hind foot?

It wasn’t there yesterday btw.

I have been joking about a ghost being around the farm lately.  Lots of weird little things have been happening.  Things you can’t explain or find a reason for.    Umm… I guess this might fall into that category.


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