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Why Riding Right? Highly-qualified, professional instructors and a warm, welcoming place for lessons, boarding, and training.

When? Lessons available six days a week, including evenings and early mornings.

Who? Our youngest riders are age six. Our olders are senior citizens.

Where? South Cambridge, NY. Convenient to Greenwich NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Bennington VT, Williamstown MA, Albany NY, etc.

Farm News:

Faithful Guardian
September 26, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

tiger lilyThere’s never been a blog about our little Tigerlily that people haven’t loved and what’s not to love about this exceptional kitty?

While walking through the barn the other day I looked up and there she was, surveying her kingdom from on high. I’m sure there’s plenty to see from on top of the stalls.  The comings and goings of people, horses, other cats, birds, and maybe even a mouse.  Not that Tigerlily would ever consider capturing a mouse.  Nope.  Not a mouser.  I know: what good is a barn cat if she’s not going to be a mouser?    I think she’s too regal for such activities.  That sort of behavior is for the peasants of the world.  For those who have to work for their meals.   Tigerlily simply opens her mouth with a tiny mew, (rarely does sound even come out) and people dash to her feed bowl and fill it with tasty morsels.  She’s fed far too often really.  Her belly doesn’t lie.  But like King Henry VIII, what’s a wide girth if not a sign of your royal position in life.

Oh- and by the way- you can check out Tigerlily’s fiefdom at our Fall Dressage Show on October 19th!  Here’s a pdf of the entry form.  Fall Dressage Show 2014

Fall Dressage Show
September 23, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

jimiOur Fall Dressage Show is officially open for entries.  The show is set for October 19th.  We’re offering dressage tests, equitation classes, and Prix Caprilli (jumping within dressage tests).

There will also be a Silent Auction featuring all sorts of new and used horsey items.  A great place to pick up boots for your kids who are growing way too fast, show coats for next season, saddle pads and other necessities.

Here’s a pdf of the show class list and entry form.  Any questions- let us know.

Fall Dressage Show 2014

More To Brag About
September 22, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

lindsey 2 lindsey 1Our riders are in the ribbons again!

Lindsey Johnson and her stunning Oldenburg mare, Berlin deserve serious bragging rights for their team effort at the New England Dressage Regionals  held this past weekend at HITS in Saugerties.

This junior team was competing with  serious high caliber horses and riders and did just super.  Scores in the 60′s including a 65.89% and a second placed junior rider in her Training 2 test.

In a highly competitive Dressage Equitation Class Lindsey did an outstanding job and come home with a 5th place.   Wow.   This pair is off and running.  Just wait till next year!



Trailer-In Day
September 19, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

photoThe world probably didn’t know it, but yesterday was officially National Trailer-In Day, or at least that’s how it appeared to me.

On any given day I can have one or two, maybe even three students trailer in their horse for a lesson.  Usually those lessons are spread out over the course of the day and there’s very little overlap.  Yesterday was a different story.  My 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 lessons were all trailer-in lessons, which obviously meant the parking lot was a bit like Grand Central Station.   Good thing these ladies are all pretty handy with their trailering skills.

Congrats to Nicole
September 16, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

photoA big congrats goes out to Nicole Wilbur for making the dressage team at Johnson and Wales University.  Nicole just started her first semester at J&W.  She joins Madison Keys (another RR Farm fantastic dressage rider) on the team at Johnson and Wales that competes in the IDA (Intercollegiate Dressage Association).     Talk about reaping the rewards!  Makes you think we might be doing a thing or two right around here.  Riding Right?  Yup.  I do believe we do.

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