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A Few Years Ago

22 April, 2015 (06:59) | Front Page, Uncategorized | By: Hollie McNeil

irishSince it’s show season, I had a bit of a flash back the other day when I was walking by Irish’s stall.  I thought about getting ready for the 1994 show season with 6-year-old Irish and Lace.  This lovely little TB was in training with me for a friend who had race horses and wanted to give Irish a second career.

The picture was taken at GMHA (Green Mountain Horse Association) at the big summer dressage show in July.  The fun of the picture for me is that Irish is still around and even still being ridden.  Getting to see this girl everyday in my barn is so rewarding.  It just shows you that with good care horses can be a part of our lives for a very long time.

Irish also reminds me of just how quickly time zips by.  I had just given birth to my daughter Sean (June 3) when Irish and I headed out to show our stuff.  Sean is going to be 21 this year!

BTW- if you’re looking to get into the show spirit, our Mother’s Day Dressage Show is fast approaching.  Here’s a pdf of the show entry form.  Hope to see you on May 10th.

Mother’s Day 2015

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