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Mother’s Day Show
March 30, 2017 by Hollie McNeil

juliaMark your calendars.  Our first dressage show of the year is set for Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017.

Here’s a link to the prize list:Mother’s Day 2017

We’ll have traditional dressage tests, western dressage, equitation and Prix Caprilli.

Here are links to the two tests we are offering so you can start practicing:



Any questions let us know.  Entries close May 10th.


Holiday Elves
December 14, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

The Holiday Elves have visited the farm again! A beautiful wreath in the shape of horse head and every stall in the baaislern with a stocking hung for Santa. What special elves we have. Happy Holidays!wreath

Farm Stuff!
November 18, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

Farm ShirtReady to do some Holiday shopping?  We’ve put together a nice little selection of shirts, jackets, fleeces and hats- all with the farm logo.   We’ve got a tight turn-around on orders.  Must have orders, with prepayment by DECEMBER 1 to get back into your hands by Christmas.    Here’s a pdf of the order form.  Kids items are numbers 5 & 7.  Men’s sizes – item 7.   All others are in women’s sizes only XS-2x.  apparel-order-form

Ride Times
October 14, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

nicoleWe’ve got ourselves quite the line-up for Sunday’s Fall Dressage Show.   Here are the ride times in a pdf.  If you can’t open or you see something that needs changing, please shoot me an email (hollie@ridingfarm.com).   Stay tuned.  There may be updates and changes.  It’s a big one!


Prix Caprilli
October 11, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

Jumping at a Riding Right Horse Show

Looks like our Prix Caprilli classes that we’re offering at our Fall Dressage Show on Sunday are gathering a whole lot of interest.  First question? What it is?  The quick answer is that it’s a dressage test with jumps in it.  The second question?  Where can I find a copy of them?  I’ve attached pdf’s of the two tests that we’ll be offering.  Any other questions- let us know

intro-prix-caprilli prix-caprilli-test-1

Fall Dressage Show
September 14, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

Falling LeavesYup-  It’s starting to show a change in seasons around here.  Soon our Fall Dressage Show will be here and we’ve got something for everyone: standard dressage classes, equitation, western dressage, Prix Caprilli (jumping & dressage) and even a costume class.  The date is set for Sunday, October 16th.  We’ll be hosting it come sun, rain, or even snow, which we had a bit of last year.   Here’s a link for the prize list.  fall-show-2016

Fall 2016
September 8, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

It’s been a busy summer and now it’s time to move into a busy fall season.  A couple of things for the calendar.


1)Adult Riding Camp 2016.  This annual (or mostly annual) event is scheduled for Friday September 30 and Saturday/Sunday October 1 and 2.  Looking forward to a great weekend of dressage, jumping, trail riding, etc. and with adults only!  Give us a call or email if you’re interested in joining us.

2)Fall Dressage Show.  Our fall dressage schooling show is on the schedule for Sunday, October 16th.   We’re going to spice it up a bit and offer not only our traditional dressage classes,  but western dressage, Prix Caprilli and a costume class.   Bring your cameras!  Show entry form will be out shortly.

Courtney King-Dye Symposium
June 5, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

CourtneyKingDye.HarmonysMythilus.8HKO1867.PersonalCopyrightLicense.CopyrightSusanJStickle.comCome one! Come all!  A symposium with Courtney King-Dye is set for Saturday, July 9th here at the farm.  The former Olympian, who subsequently suffered a devastating training accident, will be working with 8 talented Young Riders.   Courtney will be taking Q&A during the lunch break.  The symposium runs from 10-5.  Auditing fee is $35, preregistration discount of $5.    Send payment to 334 County Route 59, Buskirk NY  12028.  Checks made out to Riding Right Farm.

Snack bar will be open for refreshments and lunch.

All proceeds benefit the Riding Right Farm Youth Dressage Team.

Ride Times
May 6, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

dressage showHere are the ride times for Sunday’s Mother’s Day Dressage Show.  Hopefully the sprinkles get out of the way early.  Any questions- give us a call.

Mother’s Day Ride TImes 2016


Mother’s Day Show
April 4, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

sophie & HollieOkay- so it’s snowing this morning.  While it doesn’t look like show season upon us, in fact, our Mother’s Day Dressage Show is just about a month away.

Here’s the entry form pdf.  Any questions?  Give us a call at 518 677 5148.  Or email me- Hollie@ridingfarm.com

Mother’s Day 2016


Show Announcement
March 22, 2016 by Hollie McNeil

sophie & HollieSpring is officially here.  And while it didn’t even feel like winter even came, there’s no denying the singing birds, the shedding hair, the gobs of mud and the intense, bright sunshine.    As we look to the new season it’s time to plan some shows and we’ve got our annual Mother’s Day Dressage Show on the calendar.   In case you need the date- it’s Sunday May 8th.  The show entry form and class list will be out shortly.  We’ve got “L” Judge Joy Black on tap.

Any questions give us a ring (518) 677-5148 or email hollie@ridingfarm.com


Happy Holidays
December 24, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

horse wreathThe weather might not be frightful and you probably don’t need a fire for it to be delightful but let us all have a peaceful and safe Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas to all from Riding Right Farm.

Ride Times
October 16, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

H & RThe coldest weekend of the Autumn season is here and we have our Fall Dressage Show!  Bundle up.  Don’t worry though.  The indoor arena is there for you, the snack bar will be serving piping hot drinks and food, and you might even find some warm goodies in our tag sale of horsey stuff. Here are your ride times:Fall Show Ride Times 2015

Hey Farm Fans!
October 9, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

Farm ShirtYou’ve been asking for it and the Riding Right Farm Apparel line for the fall/winter season is here.  Check out all of our offerings on our order form below.

There are children’s and adult sizes available.  Black and gray are usually our most popular color selections so that’s what most of our offerings are in, with the very bold exception of a very bright pink sports hoodie.

Orders due to us by October 24th.  Please don’t miss the deadline if you’re looking for something.  Items will be great gifts for the upcoming Holiday season.

Any questions- please email or give the barn a ring (518) 677-5148.

Order Form

Perfect For Any Age
September 30, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

Betty & AnnamayI suppose it sometimes sounds like we are teetering on the exaggerated side of things when we say we teach riders from age 6 to people in their 80’s but it really is true.    The best evidence I can offer is this photo I took yesterday when 83 year old Betty was riding in the arena, and 6 year old Annamay came in for her lesson.  This really is a sport with no age limit.   Begin at an early age and ride for as long as you like.  A true activity for all the ages.   (And btw- that is Tonka in the picture.  He is still carting little riders around the arena as he pushes past his mid 30’s.)

And a reminder to all that our Fall Dressage Show is just around the corner.  Young and those just young at heart- join us on October 18th for our last outing of the year.  Here’s our entry form.  Fall Show 2015

Fall Dressage Show
September 22, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

nicoleLeave it to me to have a big typo in our show form for the Fall Dressage Show.  Yes- Yes- I know that Mother’s Day is in May.  All fixed!

Here’s the proper show form.  Any other typos, please alert.  Or snicker loudly enough that I hear you!


Fall Show 2015

Fall Dressage Show
September 17, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

montieHard to believe but the end of the show season is creeping in on us.  We’ve got our Fall Schooling Show prize list and entry form ready.  The show is October 18th.  We’ll hope for wonderful fall weather!  Here’s a pdf of the entry form.

Fall Show 2015

Revised Ride Times
May 9, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

A few changes for ride times for Sunday’s Mother’s Day Dressage Show.jimi

Don’t forget your sunscreen!  I think this will be our first Mother’s Day Show that hasn’t been in the mud.

Mother’s Day ride times-Revised

Ride Times
May 8, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

nicoleHey Everyone- Ride Times are posted for this Sunday’s Mother’s Day Dressage Show!

Looks like a great show, with great weather, and fabulous food at our snack shack.

Any questions, problems, conflicts, issues, concerns, etc- let us know-

Mother’s Day ride times 2015

May 5, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

montiePlanning to show in the Mother’s Day Dressage Show?  If so, your entries are due today.   I know.  Hard to believe that the show is on Sunday.  But as the saying goes- time waits for no man- and today is our closing date.   Unless you want to pay that ugly $10 late fee.  And who wants to that, right?  Save yourself 10 bucks, and get your paper work to us before  midnight tonight.

World Famous
April 28, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

sean russiaRiding Right Farm is world famous!  Well, at least as far as the logo is concerned.  Thanks to my daughter taking a semester abroad and making sure  she left no stone unturned in a her adventurous quest, the farm logo on her black jacket has been seen everywhere!  Here she’s pictured in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I’ve also got pictures of her in her farm jacket in Ireland, England, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Sweden and I can’t think of how many other countries.  I wonder if the farm will drum up any extra business from all of this worldwide advertising?


A Few Years Ago
April 22, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

irishSince it’s show season, I had a bit of a flash back the other day when I was walking by Irish’s stall.  I thought about getting ready for the 1994 show season with 6-year-old Irish and Lace.  This lovely little TB was in training with me for a friend who had race horses and wanted to give Irish a second career.

The picture was taken at GMHA (Green Mountain Horse Association) at the big summer dressage show in July.  The fun of the picture for me is that Irish is still around and even still being ridden.  Getting to see this girl everyday in my barn is so rewarding.  It just shows you that with good care horses can be a part of our lives for a very long time.

Irish also reminds me of just how quickly time zips by.  I had just given birth to my daughter Sean (June 3) when Irish and I headed out to show our stuff.  Sean is going to be 21 this year!

BTW- if you’re looking to get into the show spirit, our Mother’s Day Dressage Show is fast approaching.  Here’s a pdf of the show entry form.  Hope to see you on May 10th.

Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day Show
April 10, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

montieThe snow is still hanging on but our annual Mother’s Day Dressage Show is on the schedule and we are ready to roll.  Here’s a pdf of our show entry form.   Hope to see lots of riders!

Mother’s Day 2015

Any questions let us know- Call (518) 677-5148 or email:  Hollie@ridingfarm.com

Still Here
March 5, 2015 by Hollie McNeil

photoOh, the things I could write about  from the winter of 2015.  Why bother?  Did we not experience here at the farm exactly what everyone else experienced? Frankly, I haven’t wanted to blog since our first snow in November.  I find blogging about the weather tedious and redundant and yet that’s all that comes to mind to even talk about.   Can you imagine what my blog would say day after day: cold, snow, cold, snow, tractor problems, cold, snow, tractor problems, cold snow.

However, my blog does reach many people and there are those who wonder if we have survived.  The answer is obvious.  Yes, Riding Right Farm is still here.  We are even making plans for Spring!   I went on-line yesterday and spent gobs of money on fencing materials.  Guess I could have blogged about the number of times the horses took down fencing this winter.   There’s an impressive number of cob-jobs holding the fencing up at the moment.   Thick blankets, deep snow and feisty, bored-to-tears- horses are a lethal combination to our fencing.

We’ve also set our first show of the year.  Yes indeed, our annual Mother’s Day Dressage Show is back, and guess what day its on?  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s on Mother’s Day!  See, even my sarcasm (for which I have received copious amounts of complaints about) is still (much like the farm)  firmly intact.  I have even hired a judge.  Spit shine your show boots now, since you’re still in your winter Sorel’s and get ready for May 10th.  With any luck at all, the snow will be gone, the sun will be shining, the fences will be fixed and my sarcasm will still be spewing forth.

November 14, 2014 by Hollie McNeil

snow 1 snow 2Yeah, Yeah, I know.  Too early for snow!   But my goodness, talk about beautiful!

I’m sure there are many who would argue with me, but in my mind there’s almost nothing prettier than the scene we had this morning.  We’ll see if I’m still extolling the virtues of a early morning snow come next April.

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