Riding Right Farm

Training a Horse at Riding Right

Green Horses Through Advanced Training

Natural Horsemanship and Traditional Techniques in Harmony

Working in the Round Pen With a Green Horse

From round pen to competition, Riding Right Farm offers proven results. Our training methods combine the ideals of Natural Horsemanship with classical lungeing and riding. This approach teaches trust and respect as the foundation for a successful education. Whether intended for pleasure or competition, horses trained or retrained are put into a program that develops the whole horse: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Training Options:

Basic Training Session: For the client who wants their horse worked through a tough spot, tuned up, or assessed for the next level of training. Our basic training ride is open to boarders and to clients who trailer-in.

Full Training-Tier One: Foundation training for a horse just being started. Round pen work to learn respect of space and hierarchy. Introduction to tack, lungeing and start of work under saddle.

Full Training-Tier Two: Training focuses on the solid schooling of a horse under saddle or the retraining of a horse to a new discipline. Training is intended to confirm or reestablish basics and moves the horse forward with the goal of being a nicely schooled horse for the arena and out in the open.

Full Training-Tier Three: Competition training for the serious sport horse. Intensive and goal oriented approach.

Rates are available on our rates page.